My Story

Does my story sound like yours?

I’m a caffeine drinking, girls night out, love my hubby, roll down the grassy hills with my kids, yoga & meditation loving kinda woman!

My life's mission

My life's mission is to share the tools and methods that I have utilized to turn countless struggles in my life, into the greatest gifts that have led me here today to teach you; including postpartum depression, bulimia, body image issues, alcoholism, ADHD, low-self esteem, codependency, using men to validate my worth, playing the victim, feeling stuck, as well as my poor relationship with money. However, the greatest catalyst for my transformation is not on that list. Wait, What!?!?

However, the greatest catalyst for my transformation is not on that list. Wait, What!?!?

The Truth

The reason I truly transformed began after my husband had an affair, walked out of our marriage days before our first anniversary, and filed for a divorce. Although we started to go through the divorce process, I continued to work on myself, forgive, love myself and let go of the hurt. All through this time, I knew I was being taught something, but I had no idea how much I was about to learn. Three weeks before finalizing the divorce, we reconciled but stayed separated for two years. During the two years of separation, I read countless books, took several courses, started a self help book club, hired professional help, made new friends, fixed my credit, volunteered, learned to validate myself, fell in love with me, began my meditation and visualization as a routine every morning and now that experience transformed my life in the most miraculous ways! I’m stronger, focused and I enjoy my life with my amazing husband and our two phenomenal boys.

So are you a real woman out there, and are you excited about creating a life far beyond your wildest dreams? Or are you convinced that your life can be better in certain areas, but you need a guiding spirit to reconnect you to the inner light of true, excellent and lasting radiant that is within you? Or have you gone through heartbreak in the past or are struggling to overcome a fresh but vicious heartbreak experience? Then connecting to me is your most viable option for healing and recovery. This is because I believe you’re worth much more than how you may have been treated in the past.

If you want to find freedom, peace, joy and true excitement for life, then I welcome you to the right place.

I’m excited to connect with you soon!

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