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Sherri Nickols

Award-Winning Author, Women’s Empowerment/Transformational Coach

“Gen has a genuine joy that spills over into everything she does. She is a beautiful light on this planet passionate about serving and supporting others in reaching their highest potential. She has walked her own journey with discipline and dedication to create a life she loves. Gen has a HUGE loving, generous and caring spirit. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with her, do not hesitate for a second, just do it!! I love this woman!”

Dr. Onawa LaBelle

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Windsor

Director, Positive Psychology, Recovery, and Relationships Laboratory

“In the 6 years that I have known Gen, I’ve seen her spread light and hope into the lives of countless women. Gen has a way of inspiring people to be the best possible version of themselves through encouragement, sharing experience, and offering suggestions for creating positive change. People seek her out specifically to help them navigate tough situations- I believe her high emotional intelligence and empathetic approach to problem solving make her uniquely qualified to play this role in people’s lives. I have personally relied upon her many times for guidance and support, and I trust her judgment completely.”

Not only is she great at coaching, but I have also witnessed Gen speak to large groups of women and not only command but inspire the room. Hiring her will be one of your best decisions you make!”

Emily Vlietstra

Wife, Senior Marketing Professional

“When I met Gen, I was full of shame, guilt, and self-disapproval. I didn’t know how to love or care for myself, which made it extremely difficult to accept love from others and participate in healthy relationships. With Gen’s support and guidance, I embarked on a journey towards self love, self acceptance, and self empowerment. She taught me to find joy in challenging situations by encouraging me to make gratitude lists daily. She coached me through the process of setting healthy boundaries with the people around me. She has helped change my outlook and perspective on life. I was once full of cynicism and doubt, but today I am filled with joy and love. I would not be the strong, confident, loving woman I am today without her! If you want a life far beyond your wildest dreams, Gen is the coach that will get you there! If you need a speaker to leave the room wanting to take action and be inspired, contact Gen!”

Carly Chorba


“Gen has helped me to realize my full potential when it comes to being both a successful woman and partner. She has helped me navigate past experiences which have led to low self-esteem and lack of trust in relationships. I feel more confident in my relationships since working with Gen, whether they be career, familial, friendship or intimacy centered. Particularly, when it comes to finding a partner Gen has led me through exercises which help me better understand how I want a partner to show up for me in a committed relationship and how I want to support a partner in return. The sense of contentment I feel in my life leads me to worry less about the future and focus more on the opportunities and blessings coming to me in the present.

Not only is she great at coaching, but I have also witnessed Gen speak to large groups of women and not only command but inspire the room. Hiring her will be one of your best decisions you make!”

Katherine O.

Director of sales and Marketing

“I knew I was living a life that was not mine, I was anxious, depressed and self-medicating myself day by day just to numb the overwhelming pain I could not process through. I was trying to be this corporate woman during the day as a Director of Sales, and perfect wife with the perfect house, the meals cooked and prepped and cleaning long into the evenings until I burned out.

I was at an event and the guest female speaker was Gen, I felt as she spoke, she was speaking directly to me, like she knew what I was dealing with. I talked with her briefly after the meeting and scheduled one on one coaching the following week. If you are looking to regain your inner power of joy and gain control back of the women you know is in there but has been lost, I highly advise Gen.

Because of her coaching, guidance, and public speaking that I catch any chance I can I am beyond grateful and happy to say my life is back on track. I am living a life that I am in control of not a life that controls me, I have found inner peace again and I continue to look forward to all of my one on ones with her.”

Kristina Van Dort

Vehicle program management analyst

“Gen is an incredible coach with years of experience helping women believe in themselves and realize their true potential. Her positive attitude is infectious and I always immediately feel peace when talking with her. Gen is extremely honest about herself and candid about her own struggles. She has helped me tremendously during the most trying times of my life. I am so grateful for Gen's wisdom and encouragement. She has an amazing way of teaching life lessons and powering through adversity with grace, by sharing her own story. I would strongly recommend any woman wanting to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually to utilize her as a coach.”

Olesya Z.


“I met Gen online after reading about her experience that reminded me of my situation. She was open and willing to tell me her story and what helped her get through the difficult times. She was encouraging and positive. She replied to my messages quickly with kind words and reminders which uplifted me and made me feel reassured. Gen suggested books that were helpful and were a learning opportunity. She was always positive and willing to listen and offer advice or a reminder to pray/meditate. She shared her journey and habits that helped her grow and become the woman she is today. I am grateful to her for taking the time out of her day to offer me help or kind words which gave me hope and reminded me that I am on the right track.”

Maria P.

Wife, Mom of 3, Project Manager

“I have been asking Gen for advice for about a year now. It’s calming to know I can go to her with any issue or concern and will always receive clear, direct, solid, reliable direction. I am blessed to have such a strong woman in my life, to guide me, brainstorm with and talk to.

I have a strong faith in God, but find it strengthened when I talk to Gen. Her clarity brings me peace and serenity. Her advice has given me the foundation to so many of the decisions I make. Gen is one of the strongest, if not the strongest woman I know. I am so blessed to have her in my life

If you need a speaker, coach, an awesome retreat or a great workshop….Gen Stoney is your BEST OPTION!!”

Lacy Stone

Middle school teacher

"Although I've only known Gen a short time, she has been a huge blessing in my life as I've walked through one of my darkest seasons. She has spoken wisdom and light into me and given me the courage to press on with Hope and Joy. I would absolutely recommend her services! If you're in the midst of some hard circumstances or looking for ways to empower yourself and move forward with your head held high, Gen is your girl!”

Victoria C.

Regional Culinary Specialist

“I met Gen I was working a dead end job and didn’t have any real direction in my life. Things weren’t bad, but they weren’t good either. Life was just going through the motions. Working with Gen helped give my life a new direction. She helped me develop a solution based life. I left the dead end job and moved to one that has given my fulfillment, opportunity, and a comfortable wage. Throughout the time Gen coached me on how to be the best woman I can be. She gave me strength when I was doubting myself. She gave me hope when I had lost sight of the light.

She taught me how to be more patient (I’m still working on this one) she taught me how to find the good in all of life’s hard lessons. She coached me through difficult times at my work. She helped guide me in my relationships. I can not recommend Gen enough. Her empowerment of the women around her is contagious. With Gen’s help I have become the woman I wanted to be- and then some. Just recently I got the big promotion I had been hoping for, I got engaged, my family relationships are flourishing, and I feel a deep love for myself and those in my life that I have never felt before. A big reason why I am where I am today is because of Gen’s coaching and encouragement. If you want to take your life to a place you think may not exist, trust Gen, she can help turn your life into the reality you are looking for.”

Angela Azar

Mom of 2, Wife, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

Gen radiates love and positive fun energy! There is no question she has put in the hard work it takes to be a growth mindset and guidance leader. She is the by far the best person to help me work through life’s challenges. I am so thankful she is in my life. I feel supported and empowered by her.”

Margo S.

Graphic Designer

"Gen is enthusiastic, encouraging and incredibly optimistic which it carries over to everything she does. Her good attitude is contagious and her affinity for helping people is truly admirable. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Gen can expect to feel like they're genuinely cared for and that they have someone on their side to help them get through anything."

Maryann Lawson

Wife, Mom, Product Manager

“Gen has taught me the importance of loving myself and putting myself first by instituting boundaries with people and with my work. This has empowered me to be a better, happier mom, wife and manager.”

Kate McGuck

Operations Manager

“Gen is without a doubt the most gregarious, selfless and loving human to have entered my life. She has been a continual source of light and inspiration over the past several years. While I'm not religious I do believe God brought her into my life and it's because of her that I'm still here today.

I've seen Gen navigate hurdles that could've easily taken her down were it was not for her faith and perseverance. She pushed me to keep going during the most tumultuous years of my life. She embraced me with open arms and zero judgement as I worked to overcome the pitfalls of addiction, lost-love, self-loathing and emotional abuse. She doesn't give up on those she loves, she was my rock who gave and still gives so much of herself without expecting anything in return.

I'm forever grateful to this woman and look forward to seeing her infectious personality continue to impact many more lives.”

Kathryn Tomoin

Wife, Mom of 3, Student, Server

“I have known Gen for almost 10 years now and she has been an inspiration in my life. She has help me through a lot of tough time and motivated me to become a better person. I can always count on her advice to help me.”

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